1. Morning hike (at Claremont Trail)

  2. Last nights bread baking - rosemary and thyme sourdough. (at Kentucky Home)

  3. Whiskey, pool and Beastmaster on the TV (at Bar Jackalope)

  4. Seeded semolina loaves - pulled out of the oven late last night (at Kentucky Home)

  5. Brining and smoking salmon (at Kentucky Home)

  6. Champagne grapes with curry - an experiment. (at Kentucky Home)

  7. Accidental Star. (at Kentucky Home)

  8. With tacos. Delicious tacos (at Petiscos)

  9. This is completely safe right? (at Kentucky Home)

  10. Mildly embarrassed at asking for a “Moustache Ride”. (at The Walrus and the Carpenter)